“Baking Stone”

11.18.09 is the date I, Aunt Amy, jotted this down. This is 1 of the 1st anecdotes I recorded, before I turned them into slightly lengthier less-than-a-page-long stories:

Here’s a nephew story for you: Yesterday afternoon I was folding laundry on the couch at my sister’s house while her oldest son was at school, her youngest was upstairs napping, and her supposed-to-be-napping-but-never-does third son, my sister and I were in her family room. The boy took clean socks from the laundry pile and “baked” them, calling it “pizza,” on his pretend baking stone (which actually is a red frisbee I got in Florida and gave his older brother that morning).

I walked into the kitchen to treat myself to a piece of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting in the fridge since I couldn’t finish folding while my nephew’s pretend pizza was baking. I happened to turn around and like magic, all of the clean laundry I had spent time neatly folding and then stacking carefully on the top of the couch had disappeared! My sister and I found that her lively son had pushed all the clean clothes and towels, or “pizza” in his world, down onto the couch cushions to bake more “pizza.”

All we could do was bust out laughing. Then we did the best thing to do when such circumstances arise – we enjoyed chocolate cake and chocolate cupcakes in the kitchen.


Cancer Survivor Resume

  • I wrote this resume in my early 20s back when, after college, I hoped to land a job in mainstream America. (Nowadays I know for certain that energy & stamina escape me, thus preventing this former goal of mine to ever become a reality.) 


To make a positive contribution to an organization in the health industry utilizing my personal experiences throughout a nearly decade-long battle against Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia.



University of Michigan-Dearborn                                                                                         Dearborn, MI

Major: Communications – Concentration: Print Journalism                                                   April 2007

Minors: Psychology and Linguistics                                                                                            G.P.A.: 3.8



♦ Creative Non-fiction Independent Study

  • Compiled 10-year fight against cancer
  • Gave hope and related to people in difficult circumstances
  • Brought humor and optimism to challenging situations by sharing anecdotes

♦ Prejudice and Disabilities Research Paper

  • Discussed discriminatory behavior toward people with disabilities
  • Included personal experiences of being a target of prejudiced attitudes

♦ Numerous Profiles, Editorials, and Interpretive Journalism Pieces

  • Strengthened writing skills through useful instruction
  • Improved writing style through continuous practice



♦ 2007 First Place University of Michigan-Dearborn Creative Writing Awards Contest

♦ 2006 Intern of the Year Plymouth Historical Museum

♦ Golden Key International Honour Society (Top 15 percent of college juniors/seniors)

♦ Focus: HOPE Journalism Olympics Finalist (Top 15 out of 200 applicant articles)



♦ Plymouth Historical Museum                                                                                                               Plymouth, MI

Intern, Writing Department                                                         May 2006-December 2006

  • Researched, compiled, and wrote profiles of historical figures
  • Edited and updated historical information for museum summaries
  • Revised existing visitors brochure and developed an informational pamphlet
  • Created a “Did You Know?” Section of interesting facts to maintain visitor interest



♦ The Gap                                                                                                                                            Livonia, MI

Sales Associate                                                                           September 2000-December 2000

Cashier, assisted customers in locating purchases, stocked items


♦ American Cancer Society “Relay for Life”                                                                 Ferndale, MI

Cancer Survivor Speaker                                                                        June 2008 and June 2009

Shared personal inspiring story and life lessons learned while battling cancer to encourage and relate to people


♦ University of Michigan Grand Rounds                                                                      Ann Arbor, MI

Shared cancer struggles with medical students                       December 2008 and January 2009



♦ NorthRidge Church

♦ Charity Golf Outing for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

♦ St. Christine’s Soup Kitchen

♦ March of Dimes

♦ Detroit Rescue Mission




♦ Knowledgeable in Microsoft Word and Internet Research