Inevitable Low Point

“I’m not understanding,” said the female store operator on October 19 when I called asking about a product. Her unfriendly impatient tone made me feel way way way lower than dirt. “Is there someone else there that can talk for you?”

I sighed, my shoulders dropped in despair, & I just hung up the phone.

Just 1 more very sad reminder that I fail at fitting anywhere in this world. Sure, neurotoxicity on my brain stem can cause speech difficulty, which doesn’t really depress me until things like this happen that make me feel SO WORTHLESS & STUPID.

The point of this post? There isn’t really one at all, other than life is hard a lot of times so be strong & confident in who YOU are. Know that when you’re at your lowest there’s nowhere else to go but up.

And it might help to remember that God has made you exactly the way He wants you to be.

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