“The Lecture”

“You said I was 4,” he declared.

“No, I didn’t,” I reassured the smarter-than-a-whip first grader. “I know you’re 7.”

Later on my nephew of 7 asked me after retrieving them, “Can you untie my shoes?” So I did, before attempting unsuccessfully to put the right one on his foot.

“I’m not putting them on right now!” the boy glued to a cartoon on television sternly shouted at me. “I’ll tell you when I’m puttin’ ’em on!”

A few minutes passed before he was told by his mother to go get ready.

“You can turn it, Amy,” he yelled while dashing off to get changed for church choir practice. BUT NOT BEFORE a final parting phrase.

The tables turned as I was on the receiving end of a brief one-line lecture. It was quite amusing to hear the child deliver – to his adult aunt – the very instructions about tv-watching that he himself has heard many times.

“It can’t be inappropriate & it can’t have guns.”

The End

by Aunt Amy 10-15-15

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