“Are you what you eat?”

Here’s a rather odd poem I wrote just for fun as a creative kid:

Me when I was a pre-cancer kid

Me when I was a pre-cancer kid

Today I was an attentive ear of corn, sauntering down the street.

I passed a sweet jump-roping candy bar, and a raging beet.

Inside a bakery I saw polite pastries chatting with some boastful bread,

And outside the deli, a satisfied turkey sandwich with a pickle for a head.

Further down, I observed a jelly doughnut driving his patrol car,

And a health-conscious carrot heading to do laps at the park.

The End

Aim Ahead (not behind)

How great & necessary for healthy living – is this to live by? I think I’d be wasting my days as an unproductive blubbering mess if I dwelled on past hardships.

“Leave the broken, irreversible past in God’s hands, and step out into the invincible future with Him.”

  • author Oswald Chambers

Inevitable Low Point

“I’m not understanding,” said the female store operator on October 19 when I called asking about a product. Her unfriendly impatient tone made me feel way way way lower than dirt. “Is there someone else there that can talk for you?”

I sighed, my shoulders dropped in despair, & I just hung up the phone.

Just 1 more very sad reminder that I fail at fitting anywhere in this world. Sure, neurotoxicity on my brain stem can cause speech difficulty, which doesn’t really depress me until things like this happen that make me feel SO WORTHLESS & STUPID.

The point of this post? There isn’t really one at all, other than life is hard a lot of times so be strong & confident in who YOU are. Know that when you’re at your lowest there’s nowhere else to go but up.

And it might help to remember that God has made you exactly the way He wants you to be.

“Sly Guy”

“Dogs are dirty!” shouted my nephew. “They shred.”

Both his older brother & I jumped in to correct the “talking typo” as I’ll call the word flub. “You mean shed.”

If only the lively Iunch discussion had remained at such a level of innocence. But no, earlier the topic had turned to a favorite of most youngsters: noisy bodily functions.

My second & third oldest nephews, ages 7 & nearly 9, along with their adorable 5-year-old little sister, and I enjoyed great giggles as we freely shared our own rib-tickling tales on the matter.

The clear winner triumphed over all of us with his hilarious account:

“I won a burping contest with my friend Ricky by farting,” the almost 9-year-old explained.

“Didn’t he see that your mouth didn’t move?” I wondered.

He went on at the table while he & his siblings ate their midday meal, “I sat with my mouth open like this at the same time I farted so you couldn’t tell.”

Sticking with our smelly subject, the boy then rose from the table & put an arm under his red sweatshirt as he tried to make armpit farting noises.

Yep – with the way things are going, that sounds about right.

The End

By Aunt Amy 10-18-15

Well, hello there

Upon accepting a friend request from a stranger who earlier today posted very inappropriate material to my Facebook page (that has since been erased thankfully by someone else), I feel a need to offer my 2¢.

All you need to do if you dislike what’s in front of you is make the choice to move on to another page. Simple as that. I therefore chose not to ever see the post before having it removed from my FB page. Instead, I choose to take advantage of this unexpected opportunity & respond with lines I like in a message this evening that I heard at my first visit to a wonderful local church:

“God disciplines in grief, not in anger.”

“Don’t let the negativity of the people around you be the lens through which you view life.”

“It’s not advantageous to entertain thoughts that are not in God’s view.”

“It’s Who God Is that makes me who I am.”

“The Holy Spirit guides & reminds people what Jesus said.”

“The core values/beliefs of Jesus are not based on performance, but on identity.”

“The power of God in you is more powerful than unbelief in someone else.” 

“Out of the overflow of the ❤️ the mouth speaks.”

& Last but not least . . .  Drum roll please . . .

“Jesus in me affects the world around me.”