LOOK – Same Person!

Taken yesterday

Taken yesterday

It’s continually unbelievable & very VERY disappointing to experience in public with strangers their treatment towards me based on my appearance. Oftentimes it’s staring, weird looks, but more often than not just plain ignoring my very existence.

Although WITHOUT the at-times-extremely-annoying stick by my side, I wouldn’t have an unbelievable story of how God’s strength led me to conquer college with high honors & cancer – simultaneously, as well as the opportunity to share my encouraging tale with large crowds at cancer fundraisers and other people I meet.

Yet because I walk poorly due to imbalance from neurotoxicity on my brain stem, I am too often judged as a useless nobody out in the “real world” & deemed unimportant. I can see it in people’s eyes & behavior, or lack of behavior, towards me. This brings about an excellent lesson people – Don’t EVER judge a book by its cover – or by the way the cover (which is me in this case) walks, or at least TRIES to.

For me, at least:

No Cane, No Gain.

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