“Professor Mom” poem

What an incredible Mom I was blessed with!

What an incredible Mom I was blessed with!

Part way through college after I became in need of aid,

Mom came to my rescue & I had it made.

Driving me to & from college classes so a Bachelor Degree I could achieve,

Even as I sat for hours in lectures, she wouldn’t leave.

Getting to know people on campus: students, professors & more,

Like Kelly who serves coffee & Chris, the lady at the bookstore.

As I worked hard to earn each credit,

Essays & articles I wrote she would edit.

You passed the time by chatting on your cell phone with people like Carrie,

Or cruised on Craig’s List on a computer at the Mardigian Library.

Reading newspapers as time slowly ticked by,

Or watching movies at the University Center helped time nearly fly.

Professor Baker’s class, my last semester, you sat in Tuesday & Thursday,

To hear what the comical pastor had to say.

Things you did for me that I’m not even aware,

I THANK YOU, Mom, for your continuous care.

I am grateful for your selfless sacrifice,

Worth more than even the highest price.

The Professor who taught me the most of how & what to do,

I am quite certain that Mom, it was YOU.

By Amy Barta

April 4, 2007

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