I wrote this?!?!

Perusing my old poetry file on the laptop, I found this gem I wrote AS A KID – I can’t believe these spectacular words:

I love chocolates, I love jokes that make me laugh till I cry,

I love busy malls on Saturday, I love apple pie!

I love a sense of humor, it outshines your gloom,

Like light flooding in a dark, desolate room.

Loving and appreciating little things, I have found,

Can turn one’s outlook on life all around!

You need not search for blessings, but if you look hard enough,

They are in every nook and cranny, wedged in with the unhappy stuff.

“Laughter is the best medicine” is a good piece of advice to follow.

Without a bit of giggling, your life tends to be somewhat hollow.

I love people who shoot your selft-esteem through the roof,

And don’t poke fun at you making a goof.

I love lying in bed and daydreaming what my future holds for me,

Every day of my life is like turning a page in a good mystery.

Each day is a new present, so be creative,

‘Cause the best days are those that are innovative!

You couldn’t hire the world’s best detective to find your dreams, life is not a fable.

Each dream is unique and pertains only to you, like only a dream is able.

Anything is possible, even the littlest scheme,

Because, after all, “Life is but a dream.”

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