HAPPY Mother’s Day!!!!




Three cheers for MOM!

Three cheers for MOM!

This poem I wrote at age 13 was penned as if our cat Lacey wrote these words to our magnificent mother:

My Mommy

You buy my food, you give me water.

I feel like your biological daughter.

You brought me in from a cat show.

As I recall, it was in Toledo.

At a mere five months, you changed my view.

Of the world, and of you.

I appreciate you cleaning my litter box, and me.

Even though I hate baths, I tolerate them, you see.

Cat treats and cat nip, I love to eat.

Mommy, you’re the best to me.

I know I eat flies, I know I throw up.

But ain’t I better than a pup?

Every morning I watch you make lunches, which is really neat.

Especially when you have lunch meat!

I like to watch birds, ducks, and squirrels.

I wish I could buy you some pretty pearls.

Even though sometimes I run outside.

I love where I live, it’s my joy and pride.

Mommy, have a happy day!

Today, the eleventh of May.

By: Lacey Barta

May 10, 1997

Yea Mom!

Yea Mom!


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