“Mr. Independent”

Written 4.11.10

Let’s change a few of Kelly Clarkson’s lyrics to better fit the following situation:

“Mr. Unafraid/

Mr. Outta-His-Way/

Mr. Don’t-Let-My-Mom Interfere, no”

            What happened this time was quite simple. Two of my nephews were babysat at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Daddy and Mommy and big brother came later that evening to pick up the two remaining Scotts.

            Not often left alone in the boys’ presence, I escaped to my room and was watching the old ‘91 classic remake of Father of the Bride.

            I soon heard footsteps tromping down the hardwood floor hall leading to my bedroom. The door burst open with a squeak to announce the arrival of a little boy who loves to lounge on my bed and watch the tube. The show of the night was Shrek 2.

            “Come on in,” I encouraged my beloved nephew. “I’ll turn Shrek 2 on.” So he eagerly settled and made himself comfortable.

            The youngster climbed up onto my bed and after a brief stint sprawled on his stomach, informed me he wanted pillows. I sacrificed the two pillows I was using to elevate my legs for his curly-haired head to rest on.

            His family arrived at the house a few hours later to retrieve him and his brother. Grandma unsuccessfully tried to make her grandson leave, with the usual coaxing telling him it’s bedtime and so forth. She even tried the scare tactic, a statement that would probably frighten many children into running to their parents’ arms.

            “Your Mommy and Daddy will leave without you,” she said. His immediate reply that dripped with confidence and had no hesitation whatsoever led his Grandma and me into a laughing fit.

          “I want them to.”

            Grandma returned a minute later with Mommy in tow. No persuasive talk from either could bring the boy to walk out on his own volition. All the requests and sweet-talking fell on deaf ears.

Staying true to past episodes that also revealed this growing 3-year-old’s strives for independence, he answered the repeated pleadings to go home with his trademark rebellious yet charming disposition.

            “Leave me alone.”


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