Aced Assignment

This was a final paper I wrote all by myself & then was asked to read in front of the other students in my English class as a high school sophomore. Lisa was my partner; students had to pair up & write a good excuse explaining why their homework was incomplete. The following assignment which I aced is an example of how my brain can think in rhymes.

Amy Barta



  Lisa and I were ready to write our English assignment, with our supplies all laid out. We were about to brainstorm ideas for what to write about. The two of us were alone at Lisa’s house, and just about to begin. Then suddenly through an open window something fluttered in.

            The little creature that entered possessed a certain glow. Before we had a chance to react, the little creature spoke. “My name is Tinkerbell and I come from Never-Never Land. I would be so grateful if you could just give me a hand.” As it turned out, the Lost Boys in Never-Never Land could not fall asleep, because Wendy and her brothers were away for the week. The Lost Boys needed bedtime stories before they could close their eyes, and you know you’ve given them sweet dreams when you hear their blissful sighs.

            Lisa and I agreed to help, how could we have refused? As to how we would get there, though, the both of us were bemused. Tinkerbell sunk her hand in her satchel and produced a portion of dust. “This will make you fly,” she declared, “and fly you must.” She sprinkled a pinch on each of our heads, and stated, “Now lets go get those boys into their bouncy beds.”

            Away we flew into the depths of the night. The world below us was a spectacular sight. We arrived to Never-Never Land, and were welcomed with a cheer, for the girls who would read the Lost Boys to sleep were finally here. Bedtime stories and “Good-nights” followed after many greetings and embraces. The looks of contentment on the Lost Boys brought joy to our own faces. When the boys were all asleep in bed, a few more “Good-nights” to Tinkerbell were said. Peter Pan escorted us to each of our houses and told us to come again soon, and Lisa and I waved from our bedroom windows as he flew under the sparkling moon.

            With our task completed we turned in for the night, knowing that we had done what was right. We know, Mrs. Brubaker, you would have done the same thing if you had been in our position, and you cannot be angry over such an honorable mission. The English assignment was a sacrifice for the Lost Boys we just had to pay, and we hope you’ll extend our deadline for just one more day.

Lisa & I remain great friends!

Lisa & I remain great friends!

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