Speech Therapy – a poem from my past


    In June ’04, I started doing speech therapy.

   Joan was the therapist assigned to me.

   I have re-learned with a straw to make bubbles and take sips

   And in mouth exercises, I pucker and open and close my lips.

   Progression is coming with each day anew.

   At the least, I can blow across a table a tissue.

   There are still sounds to work on, but it’s going quite well.

   After repeating back words, I often have a short story to tell.

   Anyways, I need to practice talking more clear,

   So I have a poetic exercise right here:

   The sounds B, P, and M all begin with lip closure.

   It also helps to maintain a confident composure.

   With lips together, begin saying this phrase,

   “Boys eat peanuts on Monday,” but there are other ways.

   Repeat over and over words such as these:

   Big boy, pick peanuts, and mundane manatees.

   You can mix and match B’s, P’s. and M’s, too,

   More berries, please move, and pickled beets will all do.

   Pronouncing F and V is a bit more complicated.

   For these sounds, words should first be overexaggerated.

   Put your bottom lip behind your top teeth for F and for V

   And don’t forget to talk forcefully.

   Very funny, vegetarian food, and fifteen vitamins are all words you can say.

   Again, repeat these phrases several times while you practice each day.

   For R words, just simply make your lips into a circle so they are round.

   Rascals roll in rubbish and listen to the radio with remarkable sound.

   Compared to R, to say words that start with the letter W,

   Lip action is similar, there’s not much change in what you do.

   Work well and wisely and don’t weasel your way out.

   For all of the sounds, this advice is effective, no doubt.

   When you achieve these sounds and move on to combination,

   It is helpful to utilize alliteration.

   For example, when you link together S with P,

   You get: Spunky kids play sports and eat spoonfuls of spaghetti.

   Practice makes perfect, they always say,

   But don’t practice more than ten minutes about two times each day.

Master your speech and soon you’ll sound great

And always remember when speaking, annunciate!

The End

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