“My Buddies in Boston”

Penned in ’04:

   Kim and David are two friends that I met.

   Nikki had Karen for company, they are a twin set.

   David and I, through talking, found we had similar ills

   And we both despise taking our boatloads of morning pills.

   Mom and I told him about Goldenseal for mouth sores and about my ECP.

   He gave me orange-flavored Swiss chocolate as he exchanged medical information with me.

   Kim and I talked about dry eyes and she was swell.

   We both had fought leukemia, the type APML.

   My “Boston friends” and I bonded like only those who have gone through severe sickness could.

   When I shared struggles and joys with them, I knew they understood.

   Dr. Behrman from Israel and I had a talk one morning in the shuttle van.

   He is a wise, educated and understanding man.

   Meeting other people at the clinic for sight,

   Was wonderful because I met others in the same or a similar plight.

   Susan and Bob are trainers, on contact care they advise.

   Dr. Amy fits Scleral Lenses to fit each of your eyes.

   Dr. Rosenthal invented the Scleral Lenses, which are custom-made to fit like a glove.

   Dr. Rosenthal gives all of the credit to the One up above.

The End

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