To Each Their Own (Mind): Life After Leukemia


Everyone’s mind operates to their own drum, my own situation included of course. Here’s a brief look at the way my mind works as a result of my former heavy immersion in the cancer world.

Ÿ♣ Now with imbalance on my brain stem caused by devastating cancer treatment, I always think to tuck in the top hanging strap on my sporty black & brown sandals so I don’t trip on them causing a disastrous fall – which would then further damage my (because of harsh cancer drugs) severely weakened bones & damaged joints, not to mention my forever weakened immune system which adds significant time to the healing process.

Ÿ♣ Every restaurant I go to, I consciously either put my silver always-whether-I-like-it-or-not-by-my-side cane:

under the table (like I just did 9-10-15 at Mexican Village in Detroit) to make it less conspicuous;

or scoot it really really close next to my side to avoid bothering other people (like I did at Barrio in downtown Plymouth 9-11-15);

or place the metal stick between me & the chair next to me to get it out of the way.

Ÿ♣ Several years ago I thought ahead to make sure (when I was finally healthy enough to be immersed in the same water as other people) I was baptized – meaning I made the choice to publicly declare my faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who sacrificed his own flawless life on the cross to forgive every single person of their sins so that they can accept His gift of salvation and spend eternity with God in heaven

first (per my request) in the loooooooong line of people also getting baptized, in order to avoid slipping & falling on water left behind by anyone baptized before me.

Ÿ♣ At church on Sunday mornings, I try to remember to always sit on the end of the row so I don’t have to be the one to walk down the gap of seats to hand the collection plate to the next person (since walking is a ton more difficult, with my 4-point cane I need to use once cancer treatment caused neurotoxicity on my brain stem making every step I take a challenge).

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