“Fellow Fighters”

In this poem I wrote 8 years ago on 9/15/07, I refer to a wonderful church I formerly attended & the hospital floors (Seven East & West) used for pediatric cancer patients at the time I received treatment. As you read you can tell I’m struggling hard searching for a purpose for my post-leukemia life.

Last night I attended NorthRidge’s Discovering the Church,

And like they said would happen, I know where I should SERVE & perch.

After surviving cancer, I can’t ignore

My fellow fighters on the seventh floor.

All over Seven East and West

I know I can relate the best.

I can start by reading my Top-10 list,

So that hair lost by chemo won’t be sadly missed.

I can relate and add humor to patients’ bedside,

And be an EAR to listen & confide.

I can give teenagers notebooks & pens to write,

Because writing heals as you record the story of your plight.

It took awhile, & I was confused,

But I know now where I can be used!

The Beginning . . .

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