A Flick to Pick

Well, my pals Mr. Apple & Miss Gummy Bear (who accompanied me as a snack) agree with me that the film “War Room” is 5,000% worth viewing; before seeing the movie, I talked with people inside Emagine who’ve seen it & said it holds your attention (I asked if it did because 2 solid hours suddenly turn into 4 if the film has hit a standstill). I wasn’t bored for a single second, I really really liked it.

Many, way too many, movies turn out to be trashy with filthy language, which is not fun to hear, & full of raunchy unnecessary scenes. Commercials with trailers of upcoming movies deceivingly make films look so good. Most films I’m bored & disappointed with when I see them. Complete waste of time & moolah. So today I was MORE than happily surprised to be met with a superb flick, finally.

I can’t believe I nearly forgot 1 of the most important things of all, sorry to the girls who read this, I apologize from the bottom of my dresser drawer: Elizabeth’s clothes in the film are stylish and SO CUTE. I couldn’t keep my eyes off them! From adorable open-face cardigans to pretty long necklaces, kudos on the wondrous wardrobe. One of my favorite outfits of hers is the tan dress slacks & blush-colored top in one of the opening scenes, mmm, mmm, let’s go shopping after, right?

I hugely recommend “War Room”! Go see the film this weekend if you can, it’s phenomenal.

I have 1 word to sum it up: JUMP

DISCLAIMER: Possible side effects may include occasional bursts of laughter throughout the cleverly humorous moments in the movie as well as your insides at the film’s conclusion being struck with feelings of joy & hope.

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