“Makin’ Some ‘Cents'”

Mr. Smarty Pants

                      Mr. Smarty Pants

“I want to go home!” little Mr. Smarty Pants yelled after we left the store in Northville to go out to lunch. 

“Sorry, home slice,” replied his sister of 4. My plans on my half birthday on July 30, 2015 where I turned 31 ½, took a turn for the wonderful. I always acknowledge the time my half birthday rolls around every summer because having a bitter cold January birthday in the dead of winter makes me feel 100% justified to do so. Now I was enjoying the meal with my sister and, for the sake of this intelligence-themed post, three quarters of her remarkable offspring. 

A’s to the men’s,” the oldest brother replied at the end of my prayer (spoken while his Mom took his sibling to the bathroom) with his own take on my “Amen” at our favorite Thai eatery. 

In the vehicle following a scrumptious midday meal of pad pak with added eggplant & 2 containers of extra brown sauce, the two brothers with their younger sister in the back seats spoke of the girl’s change. 

Now, a number of schoolchildren are thought to lose their zest for learning, if you will, during the summer. Stories taught, math lessons learned, science experiments explained – supposedly out the door. Not true, however, in this particularly astute guy. 

His sister was found to possess two coins with the equivalent of half a dollar. A second barely flashed before the 6-year-old spouted, “Amy should get all of it cuz it’s her birthday!” Mr. Smarty Pants had quickly put two & two together & joined in the half birthday line of thinking. 

He continued, “Get it? 50 cents! Half a dollar is 50 cents!” 

And later at my house when I mentioned dishing up ice cream, the boy exclaimed, “You get half a scoop & we get a quarter!” (He generously gave more to his aunt aka the birthday girl.) 

A’s to the men’s to that!


The End

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