It’s All Relative: Part II “How’s this?”

Dedicated to all the Belsleys who saw this sign

Years ago when we were little kids my sisters, cousins & I turned this sign above the toilet where we vacationed in northern Michigan, into a catchy tune:

“All you people
With septic tanks
We give to you
Our heartfelt thanks –
For putting nothing in the pot
That isn’t guaranteed to rot:
Kleenex is bad, matchsticks too
Cigarette butts are taboo.
No hair combings, use the basket,
There’s a darn good reason why we ask it!”

And now here’s a tailor-made version I just wrote in light of good times 2 days ago:

My relatives
Let me be frank
To each of you
I’d like to thank
For Saturday was great – A LOT,
I guarantee it hit the spot!
Babies were rad, chats were too,
Grilled burgers were fun to chew
Merry moments, I’ll sure bask in
There’s a darn good reason if you’re askin’!

(The photo’s a flashback from the summer of ’95 of cousins enjoying homemade paste . . . Jenny, this is the picture I mentioned to you on Saturday!)

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