“POSITIVE or negative” poem

 Every so often in my life my energy decides to play hide-&-seek, & lately it’s been tucked away in a spot that completely eludes me. I call this all-too-familiar feeling “cancer-tired.” Today I awoke feeling, like I have the last several days, a profound weakness coursing through my bones that is eerily similar to the fatigue I felt 16 years ago during my first leukemia relapse. Guess what though – I’ll continue living & carrying on with upcoming plans I’ve made because WEARINESS WON’T WIN. A positive attitude, however, will.

I wrote this poem during my cancer-fighting years, when life seemed much more black & white aka giving me a clearer, MUCH more distinct, overall life perspective.

POSITIVE or negative


In my circumstances, I can choose my attitude:

Be upbeat and positive or in a bad mood. 

Whatever’s going on, your attitude is always your choice,

And you can always choose the tone of your voice.

Leukemia has left me, but what linger every day,

Are aftereffects of the battle that won’t go away. 

It seems like so much was decided for me when I was diagnosed at 13 years,

And I can accept my life right now or struggle daily with tears. 

I can’t drive, I can’t smile, I can’t walk without a cane,

But I can focus on the positive things and not the pain.

I can choose how to act, every minute, every hour,

Do I choose to be a disagreeable weed or a delightful flower?      

The End

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