“On Her Behalf”

by Aunt Amy 7-2-15 

“Why are you doing that?” I inquired of my nephew as he peeled the wrapping off the crayons we were using to color stickers at my kitchen table. “They’re not even your crayons!” 

The sharp-as-a-tack youngster was quick to counter, “Well, they’re mine to play with now.” 

Okay, I’ll give him that one. 

Later, the kids – Max, Pen, Harrison – & I watched funny videos of babies & then dogs at the computer. Max & I shared a favorite canine video, one of a medium-sized white dog losing balance and rolling onto his back. 

Before those my 2 nephews, niece & I watched Mother Goose Club videos, targeted for young children, with the last of that kind having a song about the holiday Thanksgiving. 

“I’m thankful for Max, Harrison & Penelope,” I said after the video sparked the idea. “Max, what are you thankful for?” 

The sweet little boy said without a moment’s hesitation, “I’m thankful for everything I have.” 

Not to ignore him, but I didn’t expect his little brother who’s under the age of 2 to fully grasp the whole thankfulness bit, so he was exempt from this conversation. So I moved on. 

“Penelope, what are you thankful or?” 

By no fault of her own, the response from the feisty four-year-old showed, obviously, that she wasn’t in a grateful mood at the moment. (The cliché is rather relevant here: To each his own.)


But Big Brother Max was there to back his sister up. He stepped up to the plate & spoke on his sibling’s behalf, allowing his true colors of compassion & helpfulness to shine extra bright. 

“Penelope is thankful for her family.”


The End

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