Food for Thought

by Aunt Amy                                                   6-12-15

“Amy, do you like this?” my Mom, showing me a sweater from a store she knew I liked a lot, asked.

“Yes!” I couldn’t help but exclaim. “I love it!”

My Mom & my niece’s Mom continued shopping while the 2 of us stayed in the car & chatted.

“There’s Uncle Mike,” the 4-year-old said after a short while. Sure enough, my brother-in-law walked right past us while on his cell, making a few-steps detour from his route to give us both high-fives.

“My favorite store is Ann Taylor Loft,” I gushed to my niece about the Loft dark green cardigan my Mom found me on Thursday, June 11.

At this time I must interject some background before continuing. The young girl & I, along with a few others amongst our relatives, are hardcore foodies. And that’s putting it mildly. I seriously can’t stress enough how much we enjoy eating fabulous food: the Thai restaurant we regularly dine at in Northville – so frequently that on previous occasions the staff has just seen us and prepared our signature dish without us having to place our order; Chipotle when we’re on the go & hungry; healthy & tasty homemade dishes like crepes, tomato-based vegetable soup, & Mexican lasagna. 

Okay, now we’re back.

My trendy & outta-this-world gorgeous young niece was wearing black pants & a stylish short-sleeve pink shirt with summer’s traditional footwear loved by most: black flip flops. But her shared thought revealed to me that her mind was not on our current subject of clothes but another topic entirely.

Alas, the fellow foodie misconstrued my comment about favorite clothing brands, instead applying the idea of favorites to something else she liked a whole lot better by blurting:

“My favorite store is Thai food.”

The End

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