It’s Time for an Overdue Intro

Hello. Amy is my name and truthfulness is my game.

1. Mostly I wear solid-colored clothes because

1) It’s more simple that way, and I value simplicity, &

2) I have a better chance of matching. Sweats rule all!

2. I dread people staring at me when I eat (it makes me very VERY uncomfortable because I imagine they’re critically judging the way I eat my food). Look somewhere else!

3. I used to, when I was little, add the middle name “French Fry” to go after the one I already had, so I called myself “Amy Elizabth French Fry.”

4. Meeting a new group of people is mentally far beyond exhausting because I have to prove myself to the new individuals all over again:

♦  that I’m actually worth listening to;

♦  that just because (due to lifesaving but very permanently damaging treatment when I fought leukemia) I’m now horrible at walking, that issue doesn’t define who I am; and

♦ that I don’t use a 4-point cane because I’m stupid but – SURPRISE! – I physically lack balance on my brain stem & am actually quite intelligent.

 4. My first sweet edible love of dark chocolate currently rides in the back seat as caramel- or toffee-flavored treats take the wheel!

5. It’s nice & encouraging to me to hear once in a while from a person who’s enjoyed a piece I’ve written, to help remind me I’m not just some useless piece of crap.

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