2 things you didn’t know about a Pen

1.  After helping Pen (my niece’s nickname for Penelope) create a cute birthday card for her wonderful great-aunt’s birthday, her Dad admired my contribution. 

“Nice penmanship,” he commented about the birthday greetings I wrote. 

I can’t help but always have my wheels turning, especially when words are in the picture. 

Out came, “Oh, you mean for her, nice ‘PEN’-manship,” with emphasis on the letters in all caps. 

“That’s good,” said her Dad as he graciously smiled at my word-nerd reply. 


  1. Hot summer days often find me wearing a tank top to stay cool; rather than sweating like a “regular” – is there such a thing? – person, I overheat. This is often evidenced by my entire face becoming dark red. 

My niece, Pen, eyed me warily. Then the 4-year-old – with 2 brothers, 3 male cousins, 1 dad, 2 grandpas & 3 uncles, mind you – inquired of her aunt: 

“Why are you wearing a muscle shirt?”

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