Take a Look: It’s in a Book

Kudos to my fabulous former Professor Fisk, or as I’m no longer his student, Alan, who serves as consultant at the excellent event discussed below: 

Thanks to his thoughtful generosity, today my Mom & I enjoyed attending a book luncheon at Burton Manor. The purpose of the book luncheon, the first speaker explained, is to “promote literacy & the love of books.”


After being allowed to enter the huge banquet room 25 minutes earlier than the rest of the crowd of 1,000, I must admit I was grateful to be seated early to get a head start on my salad (as a lifelong slow eater, I never get to finish my meals whenever I’m out with others).


What came as a surprise to me was hearing Alan introduce me to the large audience during his intelligent & humorous speech. A few minutes later, when commenting on the oddity of adult coloring books recently coming on the market, he eventually admitted to coloring at a restaurant while his wife used the bathroom. He did so until a lady passing by remarked, “Your mommy must be so proud.” 

The funniest story from one of the five authors who spoke came from C.J. Box. Seeing a man reading one of his books on an airplane, Mr. Box didn’t want to disturb the man so he waited until the flight landed & they were in the airport. Eager to hear what the man thought of his writing, Mr. Box asked the reader, “How did you like my book?” Misunderstanding the question entirely & thinking he was being accused of thievery, the man had no idea he was talking to the actual author of the very book he was reading and defensively replied, “I bought this book in Denver!” 

The personal highlight of the event for me, as it neared its end, caused me to nearly suffocate as I held my large cloth napkin over my mouth. I was trying to suppress any noise from escaping while the event progressed after erupting into a serious fit of giggles. I had just watched my dear Mom attempt to wipe her mouth with a paper napkin on the table. Unbeknownst to her, I’d already used it to blow my stuffy nose. Sorry Mom!


Wrapping it up, one more gigantic THANK YOU to amazing writer, talented speaker, professor, leader, & consultant Alan Fisk!




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