“Sweet ‘N Sour”


The Star of today’s tale in her earlier years

The Star of today’s tale in her earlier years (& the singer from Thursday’s post.)


Intro: A story from 12.6.12:


The exchange began innocently enough.

“Can I have more apple please?” the 2-year-old boy asked the girl in the car seat to his left.

The two-year-old girl fished in her baggie for a slice of the fruit to share with him. She then followed up her generosity with an inquiry she was undoubtedly familiar with because it had been posed to her before on multiple occasions.

“Is it good?”

“Yes,” replied the grateful recipient as he happily chewed.

Witnessing the endearing interaction firsthand, I can say with confidence that by this time the “Aww, how cute!” factor was through the roof, maybe even reaching toward the heavens. But, easy come, easy go.

The adorable occurrence ended with a happening that was unfortunate but neither unexpected nor all that surprising.

The 2-year-old with three older brothers released a deep and prolonged rumbly noise emanating from her lower half that wholly shattered the forever-stamped-on-your-memory tender moment.




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