A 2nd Purple Notebook Poem

Like Saturday’s posting, here’s another piece I decided to share after coming across it while scouring through my old purple notebook. Some writings are too raw and personal to share. But other writings, written in reflective moments of deep thought, I share with you. Why not? Otherwise they’d just sit in a plastic container under my bed.

Written by me on July 22, 2009, this short poem has no title:


I need to be on a forever quest,

To pass each defining God-given test.

Though I may not have labor of this world that I find,

It’s more important to grow in characteristics like loving, patient and kind.

Some days especially slow-moving, I can salvage with a joyous attitude,

Giving thanks for all I have in a positive mood.

God needs to remain the center, the focus, the One,

For “work” praising Him will never be done!

The End

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