Previous but Poignant Poem

This is a very personal poem that was therapeutic to write. The hardest struggle of my early adult life was finding a place where I fit in the world. After significant soul-searching as an adult cancer survivor – forever affected by permanent and life-changing cancer treatment side effects – I concluded I don’t fit in anywhere. Not one single place. 

That realization was extremely hard to come to grips with, but now I presently feel God has opened the doors for me with outlets including this blog of mine, to share things. It does no good to anybody else if I keep to myself every former piece I’ve written, so I figure “Why not? Go ahead and pour your heart out.” 

So here’s a private poem I wrote on October 25, 2007 at age 23, to express my feelings at the time.


To be an adult as a whole,

I must practice self-control.

Words I will not try to mince:

Flat out, I need to practice confidence.

I need to remember simply the joy each day alone brings,

And practice a mature attitude throughout all things.

Outbursts are Childlike, Regretful & Sad,

Not to mention VERY BAD.

“Slow down and think before you act.”

I need to promise myself the preceding pact.

“Above all, love each other deeply,” the Bible says in 1 Peter 4, the eighth verse.

The aforementioned words I must immediately rehearse.

No more excuses, don’t say “No.”

Act ADULT & learn on the go.

The End

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