by Aunt Amy 4-22-15



So much for anti-nepotism. Much as I try to give equal attention & praise to my nieces & nephews alike, they are a clever bunch.

Two of the three children that day, Penelope my 4-year-old niece and her soon-to-turn-6 brother Maxwell, jumped from one bed to the other one directly across from it in the boys’ bedroom.

“I’m the best jumper,” Pen declared proudly after another triumphant leap.

“No, I am,” quickly countered her equally competitive older sibling.

I tried to remain diplomatic as I attempted to settle the feud concerning the kids hurdling between the beds. It didn’t work. What I came up with was, lamentably, immediately rejected by the boy in question.

“Penelope is the best girl jumper & Max is the best boy jumper,” I announced.

His follow-up to my remark showed me he was both 1, sticking to his guns and 2, employing a general term to label himself as the reigning bed-jumping champion while at the same time putting me in my place.

“I’m the best kid jumper!”


THE END . . . Almost:

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