Go With the Flow

Occasionally I’m forced to accept changes, hence the title “Go With the Flow,” with my worsening left wrist. Altering activities in my everyday living include less letter-writing to the point of . . . pretty much hardly ever, whereas I used to send cheerful homemade rhyming cards to friends of all ages every week; by instinct, holding my left arm straight up in the air at home sometimes when I’m dealing with my painful left wrist; & when my lower left arm burns with pain, I know I should slow down movements which include taking a break from holding my Kindle to read or play “Words with Friends” (which I’m totally addicted to.)

As a tried & true leftie, I try to train myself to use my tv remote with my right hand, despite the appendage being weakened from cancer treatment, to give my left hand/wrist a much-needed & often overdue break.

How can this possibly be applicable to you, one might wonder? My answer to that is: “Roll with it” aka Accept New Unchangeable Situations as they arise, knowing that such actions will reduce stress & promote your attempt at more peaceful living.

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