Spectacular Summary

Initially written to comfort a mutual friend, Sunny from my small group Bible study perfectly summed up what it means to have faith in God:

“You are NEVER alone. One of the best gifts I have received from my relationship with God is that I now realize I’m never alone . . .  In fact I have never been alone. When you go to your dr app’t know God is sitting right next to you. When I’m alone & feel scared I envision God sitting on one side, Jesus sitting on the other and the Holy Spirit surrounding us with warm comforting light. I love you!!!!”

Time for a Heart-to-Heart: You listen, I TALK




I’ve already said this once on my blog & FB & I don’t want to ever say it again. Don’t you think my life is hard enough already without having to keep repeating myself?

What really irks me is when someone continually nags you about an idea & stubbornly refuses to let up, despite you trying your best to remain polite and self-controlled while you let them know you’re not in the least bit interested. Mind your own business rather than stressing the heck out of me by meddling incessantly in mine. Get a clue!

A major meltdown I did just have. It involved the very ungodly sin of swearing, becoming viciously angry and crying out.


Because people don’t let up, always nagging me about conforming to their own ways of living. I’ve said this before, so print this out if you have to in order to remember it: You do what works for you, & leave me alone!!! I’m sick to death of hearing people nag me about improving my health. Latest example: this weirdo on Facebook continually hounded me to reply to a private message he’d send every so often, so I finally did respond a few days ago before permanently blocking him from my FB account. Part of my reply was this:

“I don’t even know who you are and you’re acting very strangely by saying “hi amy” & expecting some sort of response. Well, you got it. Please get a clue & STOP CONTACTING ME!”

I can’t even begin to enjoy any semblance of a life when such people incorrectly think they’re “helping” or “saving” me. What they call “suggestions” or “recommendations” are really just UNWANTED HARASSMENTS.

Stop thinking about yourself and your so-called good intentions. Think about how you’re STRESSING ME OUT TO MY BREAKING POINT, and how with each harassing word you’re actually bit by bit ruining my life & making peace that much more difficult to achieve.

I’m not trying to make friends or enemies by sharing my true feelings & thoughts. Take it as you will. Life’s too short to worry about burning bridges.

This needs to be harsh so those guilty of doing this to me get the point ONCE & FOR ALL, because if this message was meek & polite no one would take me seriously: STOP HARASSING ME ANYONE & EVERYONE REGARDING HEALTH IMPROVEMENTS YOU THINK I NEED!!!!!!!!

Give me a chance to enjoy my life that is already difficult; you only make it worse. I don’t need or want you to try to “save” me. God already did.


I said "STOOOOOP!"

I said “STOOOOOP!”




Dinner for 2

by Aunt Amy      5-26-15 

“Want to play basketball in my room?” 


So Max & I went upstairs to his room to play the basketball game “pig” on the hoop that hung on the inside of his bedroom door. 

“I have a p-i?” Max asked several minutes into the game.

“No, you actually have p-i-g,” I corrected the youngster as we enjoyed playing together – just the 2 of us, which is a gigantic rarity – all afternoon. “Why don’t we use a longer name?”

Our game then turned from three letters into playing with the letters in Maxwell plus 2 middle names, 1 of which he made up, & his last name. Enjoyment also arose playing a question & answer game about which animal we were thinking of, as well as while we drank the rest of the refreshing homemade frappuccino beverage his mom made. 

“Ahhh!” he shrieked as he poured some into a glass for himself & nearly overflowed his cup. I stepped in to help.

“Let’s shoot the breeze,” I replied after Maxwell wanted to continue playing as we sipped our fraps.

“Shoot the weez?”

“No, I’m saying ‘breeze’ like the wind,” I explained, relishing another opportunity to share knowledge with a little one. “It’s just another way of saying talking, chatting, discussing.”

“I tell kids in school ‘heck’ is a bad word when they say it,” Max told me. “Is ‘heck’ a bad word?” 

“Sometimes some words are bad to say in some families but fine for others,” I tried my best to explain. “The parents decide.” That was met with a satisfactory nod. Phew! Chalk 1 up for Aunt Amy.

Next our afternoon of fun traveled to the toy-filled basement. 



We pretended the wide assortment of real-looking plastic food before us, including a green pear & red apple, was in fact the real thing. I wasn’t prepared, but shouldn’t have been shocked, to hear my courteous young nephew’s response to me. (Hats off to his parents for raising the epitome of a growing gentleman.)

“The apple pie is ready,” I announced while placing the dish between us.

The boy three days shy of celebrating his sixth birthday couldn’t have been any more ANTI-chauvinistic if he tried.

“Ladies first,” Maxwell declared charmingly. “Because I know that.”


THE END . . .  Almost:


How lucky am I?


Walking into a store on Memorial Day, the uneven cemented parking lot was a long enough distance from the entrance that I required assistance to safely make it all the way to the double doors.

Eight & six year old nephews & their 4-year-old sister to the rescue!!

“I need to keep 1 hand on my hat because the wind is so strong,” I explained.

So the children, without even the slightest hint of a hesitation, immediately stepped up to the challenge: 

My niece, 4, carried my purse for me because my hands were tied up on my cane and on my hat.

My 8-year-old nephew steadied me on my left side so I avoided injury & didn’t crash on the hard cracked ground.

“I’m gonna help you balance,” offered the considerate young boy of 6. “I’ll put my arm up like this to help you balance.”

I was privileged to experience a real-life example of caring in action. May I say: Superb job to their Dad & Mom. Thanks & I love you SO MUCH you 3 kids!!!

My nephew, 6, sticking by my side as I very carefully walk up stairs to church the day before Memorial Day.

My nephew, 6, sticking by my side as I very carefully walk up stairs to church the day before Memorial Day.


“What If”s

“They” say it’s unproductive to think in terms of the “What if?” mentality. More specifically, thinking along the lines of “What if . . . such & such happens?” causes your imagination to fabricate scenarios. I couldn’t agree more – except for the sake of today’s post.

What if . . . 

. . . I didn’t have the cane I need to assist me with my balance as I walk? 

. . . I lacked proper pills, vitamins & supplements to try to maintain my daily goal (although it clearly doesn’t always work out that way) of good health?

. . . My sister Carrie aka “The Outta This World Talented Chef” didn’t generously supply me with remarkable homemade dishes on a regular basis, including Saturday’s happily devoured lunch of outstanding Mexican lasagna & scrumptious apple crisp?

Marvelous Mexican lasagna

Marvelous Mexican Lasagna

Awesome (Granny) Apple Crisp

Awesome (Granny) Apple Crisp

. . . My permanently bald scalp didn’t have access to a 100+ attractive hat collection I’ve gathered over many years? 

. . . I didn’t weekly attend a God-centered church to encourage, teach & guide me in my lifelong journey of faith in our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ?

. . . Ryan my unbelievably special & lovable nephew wasn’t around to help make my life worth living?

Applicable take-away: Be thankful for EACH & EVERY THING you have going for you each & every day because your life wouldn’t be the same without it!