Man, Oh Man

I think we all have fun from time to time speculating about the future, and thinking about what may or may not happen in the course of our lives.

Keeping with that thought process, although I have absolutely no idea if I’ll ever get married (especially since I welcome being alone to do my own thing – like losing myself in a long novel – and having no one around to bother me), if God ever chooses to hook me up with a – handsome, intelligent, God-loving, ambitious, funny – man, there’s 3 things I’d have on my list that I’d want him to fulfill, that is if I even wrote a list – which I haven’t before: 

  1. The top priority in his life would be trying to honor God in everything, from dealing with an ornery salesperson to interacting with family and friends, he did.
  2. He’d have a successful job to support us, success partially defined by being able to go out for Thai food at least once a week. 

Some may find hard to swallow, or weird maybe, the fact that yes, my 3rd stipulation concerns what covers his cranium – especially considering the fact that I have no follicles to boast of in this very area:

    3. Hairspray must in NO WAY ever come even remotely close to squirting a single strand of hair atop his head.


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