Gabbing About Garb

An abundance of clichés come to mind:

Beauty is not the form a body takes, beauty is the form a life takes.

Clothes don’t make a person.

Beauty is only skin deep.

Beauty is found on the inside, not the outside, of a person.

Appearances don’t make a person.

But let’s face reality: People tend to feel much better about themselves when they like what they wear (I know I do) . . . & there’s no harm in that. So? GO FOR IT!!!!

It’s true as evidenced in the following photos, I’m over 6 times the age of my favorite fashion icon aka my 4-year-old flawlessly stylish niece:



Maxwell Sandwich: Max’s Musical Moves with a Max Story in the Middle

A tale from August 2, 2012, when this story’s subject was a mere 3 years of age:

“Silence Isn’t Golden”

Have you ever been told to avoid silence in a situation where you don’t know the answer by simply blurting whatever comes to mind?

Yesterday young Max impatiently waited for me to finish riding my black recumbent exercise bike.

“I want to get on now!”

“As soon as I’m done it’s your turn next,” I reassured my jittery nephew while rethinking the very words I was saying. “Actually, the bike is not a toy for children, so in a few minutes when I’m done let’s go play doctor.”

My statement’s attempt to dissuade the youngster never even saw the light of day.

Undeterred, my restless nephew began to count the seconds as I pedaled, following the aforementioned advice to a “T.”

“One, two, three, four … twelve, thirteen, something.”



8 is Enough

 “Take your pills with 8 ounces of water,” my primary care physician instructed me 2 weeks ago. “Even if you have 2 pills in your mouth at the same time, or have several pills to take, 8 ounces of water is what you need to be drinking.” 

So when I got home I measured 8 ounces of water & found that it’s not that much aka easily doable. Prior to my doctor’s reminder, I was actually drinking almost double the necessary 8 ounces with pills (bathroom, here I come!). 

It’s good to know the correct information: Swallow Pills with 8 ounces of Water.