Healthier Edible Choices

I thought I was eating healthy before, but I recently kicked it up a notch. What I noticed within 1 week is my insides – stomach, digestion – feeling a WHOLE LOT BETTER!

For my first 10 days of this healthier food adventure, as I ate more vegetables (like butternut squash, peas, celery – with sun butter, & sweet potato) besides the 3 also mentioned below in this post, I was thrilled to experience a much “happier” & smoother running system, specifically free of any stomach rumbling that indicated my insides were upset.

Conclusion? I need to put forth a (very beneficial) effort to increase my consumption of vegetables & fruits. You know that line “You’ll reap what you sow”? I highly, strongly, absolutely – however you want to say it – recommend:

  1. Making more food choices straight from the earth, like organic produce – & yes, buying organic produce is better than not because you avoid eating damaging pesticides & chemicals


  1. Far less processed foods

. . . so that you reap a healthier better functioning & feeling body!

Abraham Lincoln was of the mindset that a person should only eat something that’s going to benefit their health. I agree, but also believe that since life is short, edible treats on occasion are pretty much a necessity. (I don’t even want to think about what I would do without making chocolate-covered strawberries a couple times a year or enjoying a slice of blueberry pie once in a while.)

Today I’m sharing a recent tasty dish I really love to eat: a portobello mushroom smothered in sautéed onion and green pepper. Maybe this message will spark some healthy food ideas of your own. Bon appetit!

Portobello Mushroom with sautéed green pepper & onion

Portobello Mushroom with sautéed green pepper & onion

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