Gelatin for Health

Continuing today I’m sharing more of what I’ve been doing recently to challenge myself to improve my overall health. A second product (in addition to the Bone Broth I mentioned March 6) I am trying out is Gelatin. The product’s label describes the beef gelatin as a “pure protein.” An informative site online lists gelatin’s numerous health benefits, including


◊ supporting “skin, hair and nail growth,”


◊ being “good for joints,” 


◊ aiding in “joint recovery,” &


◊ improving “digestion.”


Personally, I’m hoping to see improvements especially in the latter. Since starting taking gelatin 2 1/2 weeks ago, I believe I have noticed improvements – my system seems quieter and a whole lot less rumbly.

Maybe you also want to look into adding gelatin as part of your routine.

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