Before & After Videos: 2-Part Piece

PART 1- Tight Ain’t Right 

Who: me 

What: At first, I attributed my heightened difficulty eating, specifically a significant chest tightening feeling, chest pain, and feeling like a brick was stuck at the bottom of my throat, these last several months to my chronically dry mouth. Alas, the tightening and other tremendously uncomfortable and painful symptoms only worsened so I decided it was “doctor time.” 

When: Wednesday March 11, 2015, I learned at an appointment in my gastroenterologist’s office that the cause of my health problems could possibly be one of several medical conditions with long names too long to remember, so a diagnostic scope was scheduled for the next Monday. 

Where: The University of Michigan Hospital Monday, March 16, 2015 

Why: To uncover the cause of my immensely problematic chest tightening etc. symptoms 

How: The approximate half-hour long procedure involves a tube going down my throat through my esophagus, while I’m sedated, to take pictures & biopsies of different areas. 

Part 2- Ah, What the Health? 

An Upper Endoscopy is the procedure I had at the U of M Hospital this morning. My EGD involved a tube going down my esophagus to search for any blockage or other issues.

Dr. Kwon, who’s been my surgeon in the past, works in the “Division of Gastroenterology” in the Department of Internal Medicine. Dr. Kwon reported that he took numerous biopsies of my esophagus in the red areas he found, which biopsy results in a week may show to be from infection or heartburn.

As you can see in this second video, the procedure went well & I should hear results soon:

On the bright side, at least I got free socks & juice!


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