“Character Sketch”

A poem from my busiest days doubling as a courageous cancer patient & hardworking college student . . .

Sitting in class, I had an assignment to do:

Find a partner and start to interview.

I let my partner go first and talk about her life.

She grew up in a family of seven children, a husband and a wife.

Then it was my turn to start talking and go,

But how to define myself, I didn’t know.

I told my cancer battle, the first thing that came to mind,

But I shouldn’t focus on my illness alone, Sarah helped me find.

I have always loved writing stories, rhymes and such.

My early passion for basketball is also a subject I could touch.

I won the school spelling bee in fifth grade, I was no fool.

I again came in first place in seventh grade in middle school.

I won many scholarships to finance college for a significant time.

I was also given the talent to express myself through rhyme.

The End

Life pre-diagnosis

This photo’s from my life pre-diagnosis.

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