Mismatched Messages

My blog Pincushion 4 Pokes was initially born in May 2013 to share my cancer-related insight & helpful health tidbits I picked up along the way during my eight-year leukemia struggle. Although I’ve had fun also including former and current writings, stories & poems on my blog for readers, today I disclose the health fact that –

Heartburn can also cause the hugely uncomfortable feeling of your chest tightening.

Googling the term “heartburn symptoms” revealed this as a symptom: “The sensation of pressure or pain just behind your breastbone. However, a crushing chest pain may be something more serious and may need to be assessed by a physician immediately.”

Nexium was prescribed for me a few months ago when my heartburn recurred after first surfacing many years prior. Despite choosing not to take the famous purple pill this time around, today after learning from a hospital pharmacist that Nexium may actually help ease my tight-chest feeling, I began swallowing the pill along with my others. What’s 1 more? I already feel better mentally just knowing the reason for my down-in-the-dumps unpleasant feelings. I hope physical improvements follow soon too.


This next message has nothing to do with heartburn: The more you open & close a glasses case, the faster the case weakens and eventually stops working. Upon learning this fact very recently (I’ve only been a glasses-wearer my last several adult years), I now open my glasses case once a day if I can help it – storing the wide open case in a safe place, like a shelf – in order to prolong the life of the container holding my glasses.



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