“Jello and Applesauce” poem

I penned this poem’s words over a decade ago while fighting leukemia when I was too ill to gain weight, & what’s worse, my food choices were heavily restricted.


Trying to gain weight without fiber, lactose or fat,

Jello and applesauce, how fun is that?

Drop too low and get twelve hours of TPN,

Gain the pounds faster, each week we want ten!

Every two hours at night TPN fills my bladder.

With this annoying disturbance, I better be getting fatter.

No string cheese or Mexican food or chocolate cake,

Three times a day drink a large calorie shake!

Korean hand therapy may work, it may not.

At any rate, it could improve the chances I’ve got.

AVN, right-side weakness, and lots more too,

My goal to get better is not something new.

Lots of things to do, take up lots of my time,

Good thing I can vent in the form of a rhyme.


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