Don’t Judge a Pear by its Cover


As I prepared to cut this piece of fruit as part of my morning breakfast a short while ago, a thought struck me. I am this pear. Despite being obviously damaged on the outside, once you make the effort to see what’s inside, you find something worthwhile. Thus, the accuracy of appearance is clearly faulty.

In reality I am overly qualified to send this post out to readers after numerous years of being treated by people as a stupid nobody. Even though I know I shouldn’t allow other people’s actions toward me bother me, I am only human.

(Since I am all too often treated by people who see me, shall we say in light of this spur-of-the-moment post, as “the outside of a bruised pear,” I felt strongly when I looked at this fruit that a commendable correlation can be made.)


Take time to know something or someone before discarding it as useless.

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