H.B.O.T. on the Double

Having had a grand total of 80 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatments in 2011 (the topic of HBOT and its effects on me is first discussed in my post back on June 24, 2013), Gary the technician with a FABULOUS personality & skill was what gave me energy to continue all those monotonous treatments. That is why, at two different times, I wrote poems for Gary that he was delighted to receive:

HyperGARY Oxygen Therapy

Above the rest, Gary is a considerable cut,

When he puts you in a chamber and seals it shut.

No matter your present mood or current plight,

Gary’s uplifting cheer makes a person delight!

“A Guide to Excellent Patient Relations” could be a title to Gary’s outlook,

“Therefore encourage one another,” he acts out daily, straight from a verse in the Good Book!

(1 Thessalonians 5:11)

Tucked in tightly with a water bottle, eyes on a DVD, lounging in your oxygen cocoon,

Recline assured you get tremendous treatment from the guy born the 18th of June!


Hydrogen Binds with Oxygen Terrifically 

Lack of water, in my case, has an effect of gravity,

For dryness in my mouth can cause a cavity.

I call for no special treatment, me you don’t have to coddle,

All I ask for in the chamber is the standard water bottle.

I don’t want any part of my condition to go south,

Especially efforts I take for a squeaky clean mouth.

Expert Gary operates the air tube much better than fine,

I just like to have what you get when hydrogen and oxygen combine!


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