“Ride ’em Cowboy”

“You can have 1 of mine,” Henry graciously replied to me after I asked for a pretzel from the bag he was snacking on.

“You can have 2 of mine,” his brother kindly offered.

What an impressive reflection of the boys’ upbringing! I am continually impressed whenever I’m privileged to visit this fabulous out-of-town family for multiple days, & witness firsthand my friends’ intelligent, energetic, & of course playful, children. The brothers’ without-hesitation generosity to share their food would surely make both of their remarkable parents beam with pride. The following anecdote, however, may bring an amused smile or a bit of a giggle to their faces:

“Jake, are you a cowboy?” his younger brother asked the 4-year-old as they enjoyed viewing a cowboy program briefly at the start of the day.

“I’m a cowboy!” 3-year-old Henry answered himself, clearly reveling in their game of western cowboys that quickly developed soon after the show started.

“You’re a bad guy,” Jake, donning a red cowboy hat, fringed vest, & holster around his waist to hold his fake gun, told his little brother. “I’m a good guy.”

“Pop, pop, peeeeew!” Jake yelled as he ran around the living room firing pretend shots.

“Jake, I’m gonna shoot you in the eye!” Henry exclaimed during their high-spirited brawl.

Watching their antics as I sat on the carpeted living room floor was, to say the least, vastly entertaining. On the floor wrestling, darting away from each other, shouting out things as one tried to catch the other – it was all there. Hearing the young boys converse cowboy-style was without question my favorite part of the action before me.

“What are you watching?” I asked Henry before the cowboy adventure was at full throttle. I appreciated – and also found quite comical – the youngster’s “threatening” and clearly unimpressed reply.

“Stop asking us,” the little blond boy told me sternly. “The cowboys will shoot you.”












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