Similar Symptoms

Who should I believe? The physician assistant I saw last month in December pulled up my x-ray on a computer to allow me to see the line on my lung that she said showed I had pneumonia. However, a doctor I saw the next week said that I had a condition resembling a pneumonia/bronchitis illness yet wasn’t exactly either one. I probably had a long-lasting viral infection. (This is where my Mom’s famous line comes into play: “They don’t call it practicing medicine for nothing.”)

*** This is a perfect time to use an incentive spectrometer, to help strengthen lung function.

  My Symptoms 

× Shortness of breath

× Continual coughing & uncontrollable coughing fits

× Frequent sputum coughed up

× Overall weakness

× Occasional soreness in lower back

× Lingering frontal headache 

& Last but by far NOT Least 

× Chest rattling so loud I couldn’t fall asleep 

The inhaler pictured below was used to help the constant chest congestion break up and become quieter to allow me to catch some sleep at night.

What useful information can be lifted from this illness experience, you ask? The best 2 things I can come up with are:

  1. Have patience when you’re under the weather because eventually a new leaf will turn & you’ll feel better.


    1. Take advantage of the opportunity of illness to remind yourself to consciously be MORE grateful for the (supposedly) little, but actually quite LARGE, things – like energy, no achiness, a clear head, inhaling deep breaths of air – when your health is restored.


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