Praise God for Sweat Pants!

Geez, following a freezing – the high temp today was 10 degrees but weather information said it felt like negative 3 – albeit very fun and active, day with my oldest sister and niece, I’m now reminded how much I enjoy just staying home in comfy sweats during dreadfully icy cold-to-the-bone winter months.

The wonderfully pleasant parts from today that jump out at me are: 

♥ Getting out & moving around after being sick at home, including missing my usual weekly church visits for the last 4 weeks (EEEK!), pretty much all of December & even a little bit before that

♥ Spending lots of fabulous time with my sister & niece, including enjoying a celebratory self-initiated lunch at my favorite Thai restaurant 

The unpleasant side effects from today that (literally painfully) stick out for me are:

⇓ My toes & feet being severely chilled on multiple occasions throughout the day to the point of me feeling like I was walking on unsteady bricks of ice

⇓ Currently my left leg – with my bad left knee that needs a knee replacement – being so rigid from (I strongly suspect) poor circulation partially brought on by the low temps, that it won’t yet fully extend & return to “my kind” of normal

After a harsh day like today, I’m reminded that I would physically break apart, piece by painful piece, if I was daily faced with a constantly chaotic schedule. So Thank YOU, perfect God, for always putting me, like everyone else You created, in the right place at the right time AND for the reminder to always be grateful for the circumstances You put me in.

. . . So keep trusting the Lord Almighty because He knows EXACTLY what He’s doing.

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