I’ll start with a surprising fact, which is unrelated to the blog topic but interesting nonetheless: A little digging led me to discover that the Daddy Warbucks character in “Annie” is the same man who plays Ed Masry, Erin Brokovich’s lawyer who she also works for, in the movie “Erin Brokovich.” Albert Finney is his name.

While watching the original “Annie” on television Saturday, December 20, the television host during commercial breaks divulged tidbits about the 1982 film. Apparently, the girl who played Annie first played the understudy of Annie on Broadway. She was chosen out of 8,000 girls to play Annie in the movie. The curly-haired red wig she wore was so uncomfortably itchy, the designers made a special comb for the girl to use between takes.

It was only after hearing that behind-the-scenes information that I decided it was time to share my own personal wig views, expressed in two lists written in July 2008. It should also be noted that my opinion & comfort level are just that: my own . . . Whatever you want & feel comfortable with is UP TO YOU to decide.

The Top 10 Reasons Why a Wig is DEFINITELY Not for Me


  1. It’s not your own real hair. 


  1. It’s not easily removable like a hat (especially for cooling down). 


  1. It would be itchy and uncomfortable. 


  1. I don’t want one.


  1. I’d make fun of myself. 


  1. I’d feel like a rat was on my head. 


  1. I’d have to touch it and wash it. 


  1. I’d be self-conscious and embarrassed. 


  1. It would touch my skin and totally gross me out. 


  1. I’ve grown to love my bald head.



The Top 10 Reasons Why Nagging Me about Wearing a Wig is USELESS


10. I don’t want to wear a fake piece of hair on my head (regardless if it’s made of real hair, it’s fake to ME). 

9. It stresses me out and stress is bad for health.

8. I am saddened that no one listens to me saying that I don’t want a wig.

7. I am frustrated that I’m not treated with respect on this issue. 

6. I don’t demand other people to style their own head the way I prefer. 

5. I will not change my mind.

4. Other people don’t know what is best for me. 

3. My heart sinks each time the topic is addressed because conflict inevitably arises.

2. Other people’s reasoning is based on their own inclination. 

1. It makes me like other people a lot less.

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