Candid Conversation: 2 answers, in case you’re curious

 1. Do you have a job right now?

No. Nada. Not gonna happen. Due to all the years of toxic garbage that was dumped into my body, over a total of 8 years that nearly put an end to me on multiple occasions, I couldn’t do it. Not enough energy do I have to successfully fulfill and give one-hundred-and-fifty percent to a career.

I actually HATE being asked that question because answering an honest “No” makes me look like some kind of lazy loser of a person. I’d like to think of my life I’ve carved out for myself amid my cancer-survivor circumstances as productive and meaningful.

2. Where do you live?

First, let’s put this out there: by this country’s (unrealistic in innumerable situations, not just mine) standards, a young adult should be living on their own, holding down a steady job, and driving a nice car.

Of that I do none.

What meshes well with my situation is living in a house with 2 remarkable “roommates” aka my mother and father. For now, that’s my reality. Maybe not ideal, but if you can give me the name of a person who’s COMPLETELY satisfied with EVERY SINGLE AREA of their life, go for it.

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