Triple Threat . . . or Triple Wet?

 Tuesday afternoon was one of those times when circumstances fit together like puzzle pieces:

#1. I happened to be inserting my fluid-filled lenses at the exact moment my sister Sarah called, which was awesome because my exhausted eyes definitely needed a break from reading (which is my favorite thing to do, and what I would’ve done if she hadn’t called) and could use time with just the remarkable relief-giving lenses while doing something else.

#2. Right before Sarah called me, I was thinking I wanted to try the gluten-free restaurant “Moo Cluck Moo” – and whaddya know? Coincidentally, with no prompting from me, she suggested going there to eat, because her and her kids were hungry too.

BONUS #3. When we were little, she taught me how to spell the word “computer” as a kindergartener like this in a singsong tone: c-o-m . . . p-u-t . . . e-r (dragging out the “r” in a low voice).

Yesterday afternoon our other sister Carrie proved equally amazing, and not just because I was happily – not once, but TWICE – on the receiving end of her generosity:

#1. After calling to ask me if I wanted a pair of capri jeans, she soon after shows up at my house with a cute, slimming, dark pair of denim capris she bought for me on sale from $48 down to $5.

#2. Continuing in her kindness, she purchased for me the favorite kind of fast food I eat – and not just because it’s also the ONLY type of fast food you’ll catch me consuming: Chipotle! (And may I add, while I’m on this Chipotle kick, when saying the word Chi-pot-le, the “t” comes before the “l” – it drives me nuts to hear people switch the letters and call it Chipolte.)

BONUS #3. When we were little, she taught me how to say phrases like “Totally bodacious, dude!”

Conclusion: A rush of extreme happy contentment is the best way I can think of to label the feeling after a – get ready for alliteration, folks – multitude of merry moments, with each of my indescribably SPECIAL AND COOL SISTERS.

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