Lights Out

Today's 3 young story subjects

Today’s 3 young story subjects

 “Can we make cookies?” Max eagerly asked his busy with-lots-always-on-her-mind Grandma as he sat at the kitchen table with his bowl of lentil vegetable soup.

“Right now I’m making Grandpa some chili,” she replied. “Maybe later.”

When the white glass bowls of soup were consumed by the 5-year-old and his two younger siblings, activity resumed. Any onlooker peering in would’ve seen clearly a lot going on, a sort of controlled chaos if you will.

Three-year-old Penelope was playing with her toys in one room of the house, while Harrison at 14 months was content on a continual exploring expedition as he happily rambled to every nook and cranny he could find.

Max took a brief bathroom break from the game of knights in which he took great delight. Luckily the brave boy wasn’t fazed in the least by the quandary that ensued:

“Grandma!” he called from where he sat, possibly to inform her of his whereabouts.

After checking on her grandson to make sure he was all right, doting Grandma out of habit automatically flicked the switch while exiting the bathroom to return to her bustling house.

A few seconds had yet to pass before a singsong voice rang out, “Grandma! Grandma! It’s dark in here!”




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