Poem “Positive Feedback”

After several years of cancer treatment, a good attitude I don’t wish to lack,

So the following is a list I’ve written of positive feedback.

There’s nothing that comes close to a refreshing soft bald head,

And eating cups of chocolate ice cream was excellent in my hospital bed.

My family’s love, support and encouragement never strayed off course,

For strength to continue fighting, they were an invaluable source.

Make-A-Wish sent my family and me to Kona, Hawaii in March ’98,

Lava rock beaches, a luau, parasailing – the trip was tropical and great.

U of M athletes came to 7 West Thursday nights because patients they came to see,

Often from room to room to give books wheeled The Giving Library.

Ages 15 and 16 mark important times for a teen, and it must be said,

I was glad to get my driver’s permit and license with thick hair on my head.

Wendy’s restaurant inside the hospital saved me from the intake of hospital food,

Thurston students made a “Get Well” video after my third relapse to boost my mood.

I stayed on track with high school because they aimed to accommodate,

I am thankful to have been able to, in June 2002, graduate.

Scleral Lenses from Boston improved eyesight, as well as my eye condition,

Driving 14 hours with my Mom to Boston was a worthwhile mission.

I have good friends who go by the names Jess, Lisa, Katie and Mo.

The American Cancer Society scholarship was awarded to me three years in a row.

During my second bone marrow transplant, I met Leah and her family,

And wrote letters back and forth with Kevin, who donated marrow to me.

ECP treatments gave time for homework while I fought the battle,

And more things hospital-related I know, but will not rattle.

Sure, there’s more I can mention on positive feedback I recall,

But I’ll end on one page because there’s no room for it all.

God has a special purpose for lives He creates, every single one,

I just hope to fruitfully fulfill mine while I live under the Son.

The End

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