2 poems about talking to & then meeting Bachelor Bob Guiney

“Bachelor Bob” written March 23, 2005


I talked with Bob Guiney on his cell phone today.

Donte’ met him at the airport, they’re both headed the same way.

New York-bound and in a friendly, kind tone,

Bob talked to me at the Metro Airport on his personal phone.

I asked how his wife was doing, she’s on a soap.

He asked me if I watched the show and I truthfully said, “Nope.” 

He has a people-personality and was just on The View.

He knows lots of big stars, and Oprah, too. 

His attitude is uplifting, his laugh is a chuckle that’s contagious.

I can’t believe I talked to him on the phone, the ordeal was outrageous.

“The Bob Guiney Band Live” written June 18, 2005


On June 17, my family and I decided to embark

On a festival in Canton, Michigan at Heritage Park. 

I was ready to be entertained that chilly night

By the Bob Guiney Band, which was the main highlight. 

Bob is friendly and kind and would never say “No,”

So he gladly took a picture with me before the show.

During the concert, talented Bob sang song after song.

The show was about one hour and forty-five minutes long. 

Fun-loving, young Jack sang a little bit, too,

The crowd gave a round of applause for Bob’s adored nephew. 

Hundreds of people in the audience enjoyed hearing the band,

Each tune was followed by a big, hearty hand. 

Bob Guiney promoted his new CD, 3 Sides, to be sold.

For a mere ten dollars it was available to the audience, we were told. 

Children began movin’ and groovin’ on the stage,

Bob felt like he was on Sesame Street because of the children’s young age.

Bob also said he felt like he was running a daycare.

Little kids jammed to his music as I watched in my wheelchair. 

After the show at my car, I was met by J.D.,

He offered useful information about my afflicted knee. 

J.D. told me things that could come in handy,

And he even knows my knee doctor, whose first name is Andy. 

I left the festival in my new long-sleeve shirt with a hood,

That says, “Bob Guiney 3 Sides,” and is designed to look good. 

Since 1997, I’ve been battling leukemia, it’s been a tough fight,

So seeing Bob Guiney’s band perform live was a welcome delight!

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