A Top 10 List!

 I wrote this list, The Top 10 Ways to put a Positive Twist on Fighting Cancer, in June 2009 at a time when I gave many speeches for the American Cancer Society’s ‘Relay for Life’ fundraiser.

10. Patients can write funny lists like “The Top 10 Reasons Why a Bald Head is So Cool.”

9. Adjustable hospital beds are the closest thing for patients to thrilling theme park rides.

8. Numerous needle pokes given to patients unable to attend their place of worship makes them holier than ever.

7. Patients can watch medical shows like ER and actually understand some of the lingo.

6. Communities rally to support cancer patients.

5. Seemingly insignificant moments like drinking coffee with a friend are that much more special.

4. Healthy lifestyles, including no smoking, decrease your chances of ever having to take on the challenge of showering in the hospital with a big and clunky IV pole by your side as you receive chemotherapy and try desperately not to yank out the IV tubing.

3. Cancer survivors like me can encourage other people dealing with their own obstacles.

2. There’s no better excuse to fight for a cause and feel victorious when your opponent fails miserably in the face of courageous opposition.

1. The phrase “run for your life” gets new meaning as ‘Relay for Life’ literally walks for wellness.

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