Proud Parents

Achieving those notable childhood milestones – first steps, first words, mastering the skill of riding a two-wheeler, tying your own shoelaces, first day of school – always makes for beaming moms & dads.

Then there are those other things unique to each family. Some might be into playing sports, others may be into raising animals, to each their own. One of many subjects of significance for my nephew Maxwell’s family happens to be an acute awareness of what slips into their lips. Thus, continual efforts strive to successfully instill the family’s dietary values.

I was on the receiving end of a stark reminder of the fabulous family’s particular food preferences after trying to bribe my nephew. Max & his two younger siblings were under my supervision for the time being.

“If you’re good,” I vowed to the 5-year-old & his 3-year-old sister Penelope, “I’ll give you a treat after Harrison wakes up.”

The prospect of receiving something special once their baby brother awoke from napping sprawled all over Aunt Amy didn’t come anywhere even remotely close to going over as well as I’d envisioned. No ecstatic “Hoorays!” or enthusiastic “Yeas!” met my proposal.

Contrary to what I was expecting, from mindful Max my ears picked up the following austere & extremely well-trained-to-avoid-non-approved-edible-items response. Rest assured Maxwell’s proud parents will be overjoyed upon reading their compliant eldest’s reply.

“It can’t have dairy or gluten.”

BUT WAIT! In error I presumed the anecdote was wrapped up, that is, until this unfolded:

At a posh salon a mere three days later, Pen’s brother got a haircut before the start of school. The petite princess ever so gingerly leaned in & warily eyed my sandwich. Seconds barely passed before the coming forth of the girl’s no-nonsense take on my packed lunch.

“That has chemicals.”



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